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Future Horizons, Inc., not only distributes products for the aquatic environmental field, but also provides service. Purchase products and do the work with our directions, or have us provide complete service.

Serving Florida, Georgia and beyond

Future Horizons, Inc. is staffed and equipped to provide sales and service on quality environmental products, environmental consulting , limnological studies, aquatic plant management, aquascaping, marsh restoration and right-of-way maintenance.

  • Commercial & Residential Lake Management
  • Fast, Friendly Service for Florida, Georgia and South Carolina
  • Major Brand Names – Parts & Chemicals in stock
  • Authorized Sales and Service Center for both Otterbine-Barebo and Kasco Marine.

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  • Friendly, licensed professionals with decades of combined experience.

What Clients Say

Before Future Horizons we got complaints and now we get compliments.

I first met Chris Railing of Future Horizons in the fall of 2009 when I had lost confidence in the ability of our then current lake maintenance contractor to maintain the 31 lakes that comprise North Hampton’s Storm Water Management System (SWMS). At that time, the majority of our lakes were in terrible condition. We had large patches of algae floating all over the surface of the water and some of our lakes were choked with Hydrilla and/or being overtaken by Cattails. Chris Railing spent an entire day with me reviewing the condition of each lake before he submitted a proposal to the Homeowners Association. He explained his lake maintenance procedures and provided references for us to check. One of the references said: “Before Future Horizons we got complaints and now we get compliments.” I have to say that that recommendation pretty much sums up how we feel here at North Hampton. We occasionally have issues that arise between treatments and they respond quickly to our call back requests. They worked with us to purchase and install two fountains at the entrance to the community that were not only the most cost effective to purchase but also the most efficient to operate. They also perform skimmer and tailwater maintenance for our SWMS to insure that the System passes its semiannual certification requirements. Their consistently outstanding performance over the years has made my job as Chair of the Lakes Committee much easier. Future Horizons is the standard to which I hold the rest of my service contractors. All of their personnel are professionals and a genuine pleasure to work with.

Virginia Willis, Chair, Lakes Committee – 2014, North Hampton Association, Inc.
With Future Horizons we get compliments and Other HOAs ask who we have!

When I was elected to the Board in 2012, I became the Chair for the Lakes Committee and took over for Virginia Willis. Chris Railings and company demonstrated from the very first day their commitment to always deliver more than promised. If there was a flare up on any of our 31 ponds and lakes, Future Horizons would be there to rectify the issue. North Hampton is lucky to be collocated with The Golf Course at North Hampton. There was an important golf tournament scheduled to take place and the weather turned causing a situation for a potential fish kill. Chris and company set up a generator and aerator to prevent this from happening. Future Horizons monitored the aeration process through the night and the following day. The fish survived and the tournament enjoyed sweet smelling environment. Chris’s commitment to the right solution, fast delivery, and working with all players make him an excellent partner. Chris’ consistent and high quality efforts make our 31 lakes the standard by which other HOAs measure. When other HOAs ask, “Who maintains your lakes?” We highly recommend Future Horizons.

Karen Kennedy, President - 2014, North Hampton Association, Inc.