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  • That you should keep fertilizers and pesticides at least 10 ft away from water’s edge? Runoff from these products can cause algae in your pond. Always direct grass clippings away from the water. Keep these in mind while mowing and doing yard maintenance this summer, because when your fertilizing the lawn, you’re not JUST fertilizing the lawn!
  • That having ducks may look pretty around your pond, but they are also fertilizing the water? Ducks help contribute to algae and other plant growth.
  • Does your lake (or pond) have an odor like rotten eggs? This means that your lake has a large concentration of hydrogen sulfate -you need AERATION in your lake to help combat this issue.
  • If you are planning on stocking your pond with fish, be sure to add aeration first. This is the aquatic version of putting the horse before the cart.
  • Got fish in your pond? Did you know lake dye helps prevent birds from seeing your fish?
  • There is no oxygen in well water, so do not use it for aerating your pond!