Future Horizons, Inc. provides the following environmental services:

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Advise clients (government and private) on environmental problems, assist in permitting and designing developments that reduce environmental impacts.

Aquatic Plant Management

Equipped and staffed to perform an aquatic plant management program for government and private agencies. The firm utilizes the latest technology in chemical, biological and mechanical methods. Methods that are selected are based on the environmental impact, effectiveness and costs. All procedures utilized have been approved by local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Wetland Restoration

The firm has the expertise to design, permit, plant and maintain destroyed and newly established wetlands. Wetlands may be utilized to improve water quality in new developments by reducing the impact of stormwater runoff.

Water Quality Monitoring

Future Horizons, Inc. has the field equipment and biologists to collect water and other biological materials from surface waters and wells. The firm has an agreement with a State Certified Laboratory to analyze the water, soil and biological samples. Future Horizons, Inc.’s biologists will review the data and prepare comments.


Improving the aesthetic value of a water body using aquatic plants has become part of the total landscaping program. Future Horizons Inc. has the expertise and personnel to prepare the design, establish and maintain the aquascaped water body.


Future Horizons, Inc. has biologists on staff that can provide recommendations for a quality fishery in ponds and lakes. Staff biologists can file permit requests with state regulatory agencies, and provide the fish, for the control of undesirable aquatic vegetation (grass carp and tilapia).

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